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Utility, Construction, Agriculture, and Foundation Attachments – we are PENGO, your #1 auger and related wear parts provider. With over 50 years manufacturing augers, we are proud to provide QUALITY, EXPERIENCE and EXCELLENCE in SERVICE. Give us a call at 800.599.0211 to place your order or to learn more about PENGO products.

Pengo is proud to sell through a dealer network. To locate a dealer in your area please contact Pengo Sales at 800.599.0211 or email

News Update

Pengo is excited to launch OrangeXpress Configuring and Quoting Tool.  This configuration tool will be used by sales department to create a fast and competitive quote for your foundation tooling needs. While in the intial stages we are equipped to quote your rock tooling needs. Contact Pengo Sales at 800.599.0211 for more information or to spec out your auger today!

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